Monday, December 24, 2007

Picasso in the House!

I let the twins try out water colors this morning. They did very well. Abby did three times as many paintings as Tom did. She was so into it!

Tom and Abby also had surprise Christmas gifts for us from preschool. We got them on Tuesday, but finally found time to open them as a family on Wednesday night. The twins were SOOOOO excited to give us something. It was far too cute. Tom kept thanking me for letting me give it to him. Anyway, we opened it and it's a refrigerator magnet with their picture on it. When the preschool teacher handed me Tom's bag with the gift in it on Tuesday she said, "you know, there's a story that goes along with Tom's gift, but I'll have to tell you after the new year, after you've opened it." Well, when I opened them we found a nice photo of Abby smiling, all by herself. That gift was from Abby. Well, the one from Tom has Tom AND Abby in it, so I bet that has something to do with the story. Now I'm intrigued.


The Mantha Family said...

That is very sweet that the kids made you magnets - very special! And their paintings are beautiful ... you know, they look better than some "art" found in museums.

Julie said...

They are getting so big Tara. I love their art work!!!