Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Are You Kidding Me?

Tom started sneezing on the car trip down to Disneyland last Wednesday, 7 days ago. He got a cold but was over it pretty quickly and uneventfully. Abby and I on the other hand, are still getting over it, but I seem to have escaped a lung infection this time around (fingers crossed, no sign of it yet)

I got the twins up out of their room earlier than normal today, on a preschool day. Usually I get my treatments out of the way, then I get them up for breakfast, get them dressed and we rush out the door at 8:40. But today I wanted to have breakfast leisurely with them, since Abby still sounded congested last night. I wanted to make sure her cold was fully gone. She does seem mostly better, and certainly not contagious anymore. In fact I'd bet on the fact that she IS better. Yay!

Well Murphy's Law would have it that Tom is sick again! A new cold. New drippy nose. He must have caught it on our last day at Disneyland on Saturday, or perhaps at McDonald's on the way home Sunday. I can't believe it. Just as the three of us were on the mend, he's sick again, and the cycle will start all over. So preschool went out the window today. I'm going to go scavenge the house for ariborne. I'm NOT catching this one! Not before Christmas!!!

In more exciting news, the long awaited Disneyland Photos have been uploaded!

Disneyland Pics


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The Mantha Family said...

The Disneyland pictures are great - looks like you had a lot of fun. So that's what a good vacation looks like ...