Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Shoe Saga Continues

We all know that Tom is a bit eccentric when it comes to apparel. His shoes are no exception. He falls in love with one single pair, no matter how many I buy, and that's the pair he wears until they simply wear out. I have surrendered to this notion and given up on having multiple pairs of shoes. His feet grow out of one particular size every 3-6 months, so what's the point in having shoes that won't be worn?

Well today we ran some errands. I had a doctor appointment and the twins were absolute angels. Then I went to drop a prescription by at the pharmacy and pick up some more milk. There is no one on the planet that drinks more milk than my son. We're constantly buying two gallons at a time. I'm thinking about moving a cow into the backyard. Orion needs a playmate and the milk she makes will ease the grocery bill burden. Anyway, on the drive home Tom sighs, "Awe mom. I guess I got too crazy at Raley's. My shoe light is broken." Sure enough Fire Engine Number One had a red light stuck on. I told him to try and kick the passenger seat in front of him to get the lights to blink again. For those of you not familiar with this not so new phenomenon, the shoe lights up when the toddler walks, jumps, kicks etc. One swift kick against the seat and nothing. The light on the right shoe is still stuck.

I called the manufacturer and they were rather nice about it. They gave me some special reference number for my "case" and I was supposed to pack the shoes up and send them to Indiana for repair. I came to Tom with the instructions, hoping if I explained it nice enough, he'd play along. I told him he needed to help me pack his shoes up in a box and send them away, and when they were fixed, they would come back. Well that went over like a lead balloon. With a lip quiver and genuine tears welling in his eyes he explains, "Mommy, that would be too difficult." Ah yes, too difficult indeed.

Lucky for Tom, during his nap time, the shoes have miraculously begun to blink again. No matter how much it irks me to be taken by a big company selling overpriced shoes that don't work as advertised, I think it's just too difficult to go through with the return. Not only do I have to pry the shoes out of Tom's possession, I'd have to convince him to wear a different pair while we wait for the return. I have a new plan for the future: make all my shoe purchases in person at the retail stores so I can return the merchandise in person for an immediate exchange. Lesson learned! And here's to keeping our fingers crossed that the little engine keeps on blinking!

Now here are some completely and totally unrelated photos. Every night after story time the twins get piggy back rides from dad. They look forward to this like it's a ride at Disneyland. Wait until we really go to Disneyland!


Chipmunk Chatter said...

Thank goodness that light is working again! I can't even imagine having to take that shoe away from Tom!

The Mantha Family said...

The piggyback pictures are adorable - that is a fun routine! Does Paul give you rides too?