Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Button Day!

On Wednesday evening I perused the twins closet for something nice to wear to Thanksgiving. I found an adorable purple corduroy jumper with buttons down the back for Abby. For Tom I found a couple shirts, one that buttons up the front and another polo shirt (that was red!) which has a couple buttons at the top. I showed these selections to the twins and told them all about button day.

"Tomorrow is button day! We're all going to wear buttons!"

Abby was pleased with her dress but Tom took some convincing. He protested and screamed, "No! I want to wear Light-Mean Muh-Queen!!!" That's Lightning McQeen, the star of the Disney/Pixar film "Cars", for those not in the know.

Thursday morning rolled around and Paul got the kids up out of bed for breakfast. He told them all about button day once again, and to our surprise, they agreed! But of course we didn't want to get our buttons dirty at breakfast, so we let them keep their PJs on for most of the morning. When it was time to get dressed we talked again about button day, excited that they were ready to play along earlier that morning.

But, not so much anymore! They both screamed in protest, ran to the closet and pulled on the play clothes they wanted to wear. I begged and begged, but there really is no reasoning with a three year old who has their mind set. I tried to explain that Oma and Papa would certainly wear buttons. Even Daddy was going to wear buttons, much to his displeasure. But like most parents, I pick my battles and clothing is not one of the issues I fight over. So they ended up wearing play clothes and a good time was had by all.

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