Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why Are We Here?

Today was flu shot day for the twinnies. I'm not sure if there are any fans of shots out there, but personally, I'm not one of them and neither are the twins.

We had to wait quite awhile after checking in at our designated appointment time, 10:20 this morning. After we'd be waiting for quite some time Tom looks to me and says, "Are you sick?" My reply, "No." And he rebuts, "Who's sick then?" I asked him why he thought somebody was sick and then he asks, "Well why are we here then?"

I hadn't told the twins they were there to get shots, and I didn't plan on it. I've watched a lot of war movies and the good guys always have the advantage when they plan a surprise attack. At this point, what the twins didn't know, wasn't going to hurt them. So I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "The docotr just needs to check you out." Satisfied with that answer, he went back to playing with his trains.

Once we were finally showed to our room around 11AM we started to play "I Spy". They were so happy...I felt so terrible. Then in walked the team of nurses. I signed some waivers and asked, "ok! who wants to sit on my lap first?" Tom's reply is always the same, "Abby does!"

Up goes Abby. She's so calm. I'm feeling more guilty now. She still doesn't know what's about to happen. I bear hug her arms down and strap her feet under my legs so she can't move. Then then out comes the shot. I'm thinking, don't say the S word! Just don't say "shot!" It seemed to be over before it started. Abby shrieked and sobbed but as soon as she saw the pretty bandaid, just like that, the waterworks ended.

Whew! One down, one to go. I looked over at Tom and he's already crying! Uh oh. This was going to be every bit of the stuggle I had imagined. After I chased him around the room for a minute I finally got him up on the exam table with me. We wresteled for a good two minutes before the thigh was visible, "Go, go now! This is as ready as he's going to get." I yell to the nurse. He continued to scream and cry throughout the whole ordeal. But alas, it's over.

What I didn't notice was Abby crying as she clung to the side of the exam table. It was a little hard to hear her sobs over Tom's screams. And Tom being the mama's boy he is, got to get carried out of the office. Still sobbing of course. Abby was quite happy to limp out of the office and down to the car. Nothing a couple cups of loud juice can't fix! So we stopped for some fruit smoothies on the way home, as promised.


Chipmunk Chatter said...

Oh poor little Tom & Abby! Hannah feels their pain as we went through this whole ordeal least they stopped when you left the office. Even last night when Hannah saw her "stickers" (band-aids) it was as if she was having flashbacks and started crying again. So I tried to remove her "stickers" so it wouldn't keep reminding her and that turned into another screaming and shaking with terror ordeal. So one band-aid is off and one is still on today. Gotta love shots!

The Mantha Family said...

Oh no! It has to be tough with two because you are right, with one you can surprise them. But with two, they know what is coming. Hopefully they won't get the flu now!