Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Tiniest Pumpkin

We had a blast celebrating the twins birthday with our friends and family this afternoon at Kirtlan's Silver Bend Pumpkin Patch. Aside from nearly getting rear ended by slamming on the brakes to turn down a steep not so well marked entry off the main road, it was easy enough to find. Or if you were so lucky as to fly by the entrance you had to hunt for a turn around point on this narrow two lane road along the Sacramento River, as many of the guests had to do.

The steam engine train ride was fun, if you weren't Tom or Abby. Paul and I held our big bundles of joy as they trembled and covered their ears everytime the whistle blew. Getting covered in soot was an added bonus, as we were in the open air car right behind the engine. Remind me to wear black next time! It will blend in.

Then it was off to the hand crank engine tractor hay ride. Tom and Abby had to be hoisted up to the first step, as it was as tall as their little legs. The ride was bumpy and if weren't for the rails I'm fairly certain we all would have bounced out amongst the pumpkins and left for next year's harvest. But we arrived at the back of the pumpkin farm in one piece. The twins wandered the maze of vines to find the perfect pumpkin. Tom rejected nearly every single one we picked for him until finally he found one shaped like an upside down pear. It was tiny and perfect, afterall he did request "the tiniest pumpkin of all." Abby was perfectly happy with her mid size round. They sit proudly, still full of pumpkin farm dust on our kitchen table.

I think the biggest hit of all were my cupcakes. It was really windy so the candles were for naught, but many-a-sugar grams were had by all. Yum! Happy 3rd Birthday my beautiful babies!

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pepe said...

too cute, those trains are loud, and not as much fun as Thomas, but fun all the same, looked like a fantabulous day!