Friday, October 19, 2007

That Spider's Making Me Nervous!

Paul accused me of imposing my views upon the children this evening. I know to some extent as their mother it might be my job to do so, but in this case it was my view on spiders. I hate the little creatures. They're hairy, they jump and they scare me. I'm simply not a fan.

The twins were out in the backyard playing when Tom noticed a spider up in the tree. He freezes, then says, "That spider is making me nervous." I can't say I ever said THAT! But I don't like spiders, and I certainly have used the word nervous around the twins. I think it was cute that he phrased it that way and used his words to voice his feelings. I'm not sure how Paul diffused the situation but I heard gleeful screams and happy cheers coming from the backyard shortly after the incident. The show must have gone on!

A lot of things make Tom nervous and I don't think it's just things that he dislikes. He will be brave at home and rave about trains, trucks or busses, but put the kid near a real live one and he starts to shake and quiver and jumps into my arms. Another thing currently on his "afraid" llist is tree stumps. We have three large chunks of stump from one of our friend's trees in our garage and Tom absolutely refuses some days to walk near them. Unfortunately for him, they are right outside his seat of the car, so unfortunately for me, I have to carry him past these stumps quite often. And another example, skateboards. I was walking around the block while Tom and Abby rode their trikes this evening when all of the sudden Tom stopped in his tracks as he rounded the last corner, 4 doors down from returning home, got off his trike and ran to me, "Mommy! Mommy! Carry me!" So up went Tom in one arm, up went the trike in the other, and Abby tailed behind on her trike. The culprit? It was two kids playing in the street on skateboards. Scary teenagers!


The Mantha Family said...

I don't like spiders either and I think it is OK to be scared of them - they can bite the little ones!

Chipmunk Chatter said...

I am so sorry our tree stumps are the cause of his fear! Tell him to climb on them like's fun! :)