Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Birthday Party at Home

It seems I've been writing about the twins birthday for a week. I still can't believe my babies are 3. They are getting so big and independent. But who am I kidding here. They still need me to wipe thier faces and bottoms! I can't wait to see what this year brings. Before i know it, they'll be reading and writing, and if they take after me, they'll be doing arithmetic too!

They had so much fun yesterday. We opened gifts after Paul got home from work. They both seemed excited with everything they opened, even the clothes! Tom had a very Thomas birthday. I got him 3 sweat suit outfits, all with Thomas the Tank Engine on them. And PJs, also with Thomas the Tank Engine. They got a few toys too. Trains and cars. What more could a 3 year old want really?

Auntie Rachel's gift arrived in the mail as well. It was an automatic bubble blower. This thing blows industrial size bubbles. The kids went nuts! Abby pretended to have loads of fun. I could see she was shy about touching the actual bubbles, but ran around and squealed with delight as long as she didn't have to pop the bubbles. And Tom was quite the opposite. He was kicking the bubbles, jumping to head butt the bubbles and eating them too. Yum.

When it was finally time for cake I passed out party hats. But oh no mom, we don't dare wear the party hats until the candle is "on". I had one cake with one number 3 candle on top. Tom blew it out after we sang Happy Birthday to both of them. Then we re-lit the candle for Abby to blow it out. She stood on top of her kitchen chair (several feet from the open flame) and blew her little heart out. I asked her if it was ok if Tom helped her. He swooped in with a big puff of air and poof! Like that it was over. Then she squealed with glee, "I did it!"

We still have the birthday party at the pumpkin patch coming up on Saturday. This pumpkin patch has it all too. Tractor hay rides, a real live steam engine train (on a 2.5 mile track) as well as acres and acres of pumpkins to choose from! The kids are most excited about the train ride, but if you know Tom and Abby at all by now, that makes sense!


sharon said...

Awwwww, Tara they are so cute together,.. you are so blessed..I really look forward to seeing what they will do next !!! Keep us all posted.... Sharon

The Mantha Family said...

The bubble machine sounds like a great gift - lots of fun! Did Tom and Abby share the cake with mom and dad or did you let them go at it all on their own?