Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hungry Monkey

An hour after we put the twins to bed I heard some crying. It wasn't hysteric bawling or shrieks, just some intermittent huffs and sniffles if you will. But this is unusual. Extremely unusual that we have to go into the twins room at night and even more unusual that someone is upset.

Any mom will tell you that after a baby is born there are such things as "mom ears" where you can hear the slightest rustle on the baby monitor. I think twin moms are blessed with super human momma ears as I can usually tell who it is (from the day they were born) where they are in the room (now that they are in twin beds and not bound by their cribs) and what mood they're in or what they're doing (to eachother to cause such ruckus).

So last night when I heard the cries I knew it was Tom and I knew he was lying in bed. I also knew what he wanted, or so I thought. I walk in and ask what he needs and his reply, same as always, "I need you." Ok, so I hunker down on the floor and let him climb into my lap. I hold him for a good 30 seconds, and put him back in bed. Problem solved.

Or so I thought. A couple minutes later, more restlessness from Tom. This time I send Paul in. Same thing. He tucked Tom in, said goodnight, and all was well. Paul returns to me and says, "I know what's wrong with him."

Me: "Oh yeah, what's that?"

Paul: "He's hungry."

His stomach was growling! I didn't hear it, but Paul did. I felt so bad for him. We were starving him! Not intentionally of course. We offer 3 meals a day, and if he doesn't take them, that's it. Yesterday was an unusually light day when it comes to meals though. For lunch Tom had a banana and for dinner a couple strawberries. No wonder he was hungry!

So as I looked down at my half eaten bowl of life cereal I told Paul to send him in here. I couldn't send him to bed with a growling tummy! That's so sad! He didn't know what was wrong but he knew he couldn't sleep, poor guy. He wolfed down that cereal and happily returned to bed. Problem solved.

Now I hope we didn't set a precedent for future nights to come....


Chipmunk Chatter said...

OMG! That is so sad...poor guy. Glad you realized it and everything was better. Going to bed on a full tummy is much better than an empty one. :)

The Mantha Family said...

He needed a midnight snack - poor guy! Maybe tonight he'll eat all his dinner.