Friday, October 12, 2007

Froggy Gets Dressed

Abby loves to recite her favorite story books while she role-plays with her dolls, trains and animals. She is very into the "Froggy" series of books by Jonathan London. In this clip she's reciting a portion of the book where Froggy forgets an article of clothing and he has to go back inside to put that on. But in her case, Froggy is played by Dora, who wears flippers so she's able to "flop, flop, flop" back out into the snow! This would all make perfect sense if you would just go out and buy the book!

*Special note to you moms out there, if you haven't found the Froggy books by Jonathan London your kids will fall in love with them around age 2. They are fantastic bedtime books.

In other news, it rained today. I got very wet walking to/from various doctor appointments and trips to the mall. (Tom and Abby had a blast running through Macy's like wild hoodlums. To their credit they were great for the first hour or so, then they got rowdy after lunch.) So, back to my rain story Tom thinks "We should probably turn the rain off." I asked him how he was going to accomplish this and he said, "Where we fill Orion's water bowl up. We'll just turn it OFF!"

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The Mantha Family said...

Abby is super cute! That is a great movie of her!