Monday, October 08, 2007

Dear Target, Why So Difficult?

I was in for a bit of a shock when I tried to exchange 2 gifts at Target from Tom and Abby's birthday last weekend. They changed their return policy. If you have no receipt you can only exchange or return two items for the entire year! Not two visits, only two ITEMS for store credit! I used my 2 free passes yesterday. One was for an even exchange and the other was for a return. I can now no longer exchange or return ANYTHING to any Target in the entire universe for 364 more days (without a receipt). So this is a notice to all you parents out there that receive oodles of birthday and christmas duplicates. Keep those gift receipts! And if you don't have one, ask your friends for it! Otherwise you could be stuck with 3 pairs of jeans in the wrong size for Tater Tot. Then there's always the re-gift I suppose. Just keep passing on the white elephant with no receipt!

In other news the twins had their 3 year physical this morning. First we head to the scales. Tom doesn't want to take off his shoes. Great. But he does without too much fuss. He weighed in at 36.5lbs and I think 38.5". Abby weighed in at 27lbs! and 34.5". She's now in the 5th percentile for height. She's on the chart!!! Whoo hoo! She's so tiny.

Then for the first time ever the nurse took their temperature under their tongue. They did great! Abby pretty much sucked on it like a lollipop and Tom didn't shut is mouth too tight, but they were feverless, so there you go! Big kids! Then it was time to head over for blood pressure check. You should see this little cuff. It's so tiny! Abby sat in the big swivel chair and did it first. But the machine kept erroring so the nurse said she would re-do it in the exam room. But that didn't happnen. So Tom never got a crack at it, which is probably ok because he wouldn't have liked it anyway. Then it was on to the eye test. They are supposed to hold this spoon like thing over one eye and read the eye chart, only the chart for these little guys is shapes, not letters. The nurse was awfully busy with all sorts of things so we were there waiting for awhile. So without covering one eye I had them reading the regular eye chart letters. They did so well! When the nurse finally found time to come back to us Tom just stood there. I held the spoon over one eye and he wouldn't even tell the nurse the very first object. It was the biggest boat you've ever seen. So I know he could see it, he just doesn't talk to strangers. (good boy!) Then it was Abby's turn to try. This is when Tom gets confident and starts answering the nurses questions. I had to keep telling him it was Abby's turn. I think she was so overwhelmed with what I was doing to her covered eye that she wouldn't answer the questions either! On to the hearing test (full day today!) Abby put the headphones on no problem. I stood in front of her and all she had to do was tell me when she heard the beep. She jus smiled and smiled. Tom wouldn't even put the headphones on. So maybe better luck next year!

Then we were finally put into an exam room to wait for the doctor. This year we had to strip down to our underwear (just the kids) They did great with the doctor. I think they like her. And the best news of all....NO SHOTS TODAY! We do have to go back for the flu shot to protect mama. I feel like the wicked witch, making them get a shot just for me. But they are in preschool now, so it's more important this year than the last two years.


Chipmunk Chatter said...

That appt. sounds so long, but I love Tom & Abby's reactions to the many things they were tested on.
Sorry about no gift receipt with my present...I totally forgot, which I shouldn't have but I bad.

PxT said...

Really any Target in the entire universe? I don't think the SuperTarget at Alpha Centauri is linked into the earth network yet (they're so behind!), try that one.

The Mantha Family said...

And I thought you were in love with Target ... why aren't they loving you back?! And glad that it was just the kids that stripped down to their underwear at the appointment. I'm sure you could have shocked the doctor if you had joined them. :-) Glad everyone is healthy!