Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthday Express!

Saturday was a busy day. As if being the parents of twins wasn't busy enough, we had double party duty on Saturday. And boy were Tom and Abby excited!

First stop was Hannah's 2nd birthday party in her brand newly landscaped backyard. There's probably no better way to break in new grass and test out a new play structure than to invite 20 little tikes over to trample, jump, crawl, climb and swing. The highlight of the party was the 7 foot blue mustang deked out in yellow, Gunrock, the UC Davis mascot.

Hannah OWNED him! It was hilarious. She tugged on his finger and made him follow her around. She made him push her on the swings (Paul's personal fave) and she'd probably still be sitting in his lap if Mom and Dad didn't tear her way and send Gunrock home.

Tom was not so impressed by the live Gunrock. All he could talk about all week was Gunrock. He was so excited to see Gunrock at Hannah's party, but when Gunrock showed up, he froze. In fact he jumped into my arms and clung to me in this group shot of all the kiddos lined up with Gunrock. In fact you'll notice there aren't many kiddos in that photo and that's because they were all scared to go near him.

In the end Tom did give Gunrock a high five, but he wouldn't pose for a photo next to him. Abby was super brave and fearless as always. She hugged Gunrock (for the split second that Hannah let her) and even took a photo with him.

Tom's favorite part of the party was the cake! Big surprise there. Somehow, he got the biggest slice of cake on the planet and boy was he proud! He walked ever so carefully to the end of the deck, took a seat and began...didn't look up once, just plowed through until there was cake no more. Abby enjoyed opening Hannah's gifts. Yes, you heard that right. Hannah got a bit tired toward the end of her gift opening session so Abby jumped in to take over! What a friend. I can only imagine what she was thinking, "It's ok Hannah, I just had a birthday, I KNOW how to do this!"

After a not so brief 2 hour nap we headed over a bit tardy to JB's 5th birthday party in Fair Oaks. They had a bounce house and this was a huge hit for the twins (time to bounce off that energy from Hannah's cake!) Tom was taken with the basket ball hoop in the bounce house. He was quite good at making baskets considering the hoop was about 5 feet off the ground, maybe more, and the ball was a real live soccer ball, not exactly nerf. Can you tell I was impressed?

While Tom practiced hoops, Abby bounced around like a little ping pong ball. She had a blast!

I think the sweetest part of the evening was when we were getting packed up to leave. Tom says, "We have to say goodbye to JB!" It was very sweet. We don't get to see JB often but I know the twins really look forward to playing with him at his house. And that was the end of our marathon birthday extravaganza. On the agenda this week...a trip to the pumpkin patch with our preschool class.


Chipmunk Chatter said...

Sorry that Hannah was unwilling to share Gunrock. I think she has a little crush on him. So glad you guys came and had a fun time.

The Mantha Family said...

It sounds like a very fun weekend - Tom and Abby are major partiers! They will love college! :-) Happy Birthday to Hannah!