Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Abby's New Hobby

Abby has a new hobby.

We were driving home from a long visit from my mom's last night. I turned on the kids favorite CD, rather, Tom demanded I turn on his "moo-kiss" also known to you and I as music. This group is called Choo Choo Soul and they sing mostly about different kinds of trains. If you have a 2 or 3 year old in the house, they will LOVE this album!

So we're singing along (ok, I was singing along and Abby occasionally joins in) to my favorite tunes all about trains, numbers and the alphabet when the "Polite" song comes on. It's a song all about being polite. It has some beatboxing in the beginning of the song. Abby totally starts beatboxing! She was so serious about it, as serious as singing the ABC's. I was trying to drive the car but I was laughing so hard I had tears. My stomach hurt from laughing so much. Who ever knew she had such talent? My little peanut, the beatboxer! I will definitely try to catch THAT on video!


Chipmunk Chatter said...

Hannah and Abby should record an album together b/c Hannah is really good at making those unusual noises in a song too. :)

PxT said...

For those loyal readers looking for it, here's Choo Choo Soul on iTunes

The Mantha Family said...

Right on Abby! I would love to see a movie of that and I'll definitely buy the Hannah/Abby CD!