Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hungry Monkey

An hour after we put the twins to bed I heard some crying. It wasn't hysteric bawling or shrieks, just some intermittent huffs and sniffles if you will. But this is unusual. Extremely unusual that we have to go into the twins room at night and even more unusual that someone is upset.

Any mom will tell you that after a baby is born there are such things as "mom ears" where you can hear the slightest rustle on the baby monitor. I think twin moms are blessed with super human momma ears as I can usually tell who it is (from the day they were born) where they are in the room (now that they are in twin beds and not bound by their cribs) and what mood they're in or what they're doing (to eachother to cause such ruckus).

So last night when I heard the cries I knew it was Tom and I knew he was lying in bed. I also knew what he wanted, or so I thought. I walk in and ask what he needs and his reply, same as always, "I need you." Ok, so I hunker down on the floor and let him climb into my lap. I hold him for a good 30 seconds, and put him back in bed. Problem solved.

Or so I thought. A couple minutes later, more restlessness from Tom. This time I send Paul in. Same thing. He tucked Tom in, said goodnight, and all was well. Paul returns to me and says, "I know what's wrong with him."

Me: "Oh yeah, what's that?"

Paul: "He's hungry."

His stomach was growling! I didn't hear it, but Paul did. I felt so bad for him. We were starving him! Not intentionally of course. We offer 3 meals a day, and if he doesn't take them, that's it. Yesterday was an unusually light day when it comes to meals though. For lunch Tom had a banana and for dinner a couple strawberries. No wonder he was hungry!

So as I looked down at my half eaten bowl of life cereal I told Paul to send him in here. I couldn't send him to bed with a growling tummy! That's so sad! He didn't know what was wrong but he knew he couldn't sleep, poor guy. He wolfed down that cereal and happily returned to bed. Problem solved.

Now I hope we didn't set a precedent for future nights to come....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

These Twins Are Spoiled!

Paul is finally home! He came bearing birthday gifts for the twins from Uncle John and Aunt Fran. Forget that Daddy just walked in the door from being away for three days, Abby exclaims, "Oh presents! Are those presents for ME?!" They are absolutely in love with their new gifts.

Abby's gift is larger than life, literally. And she adores it.

Tom's gift vrooms, rumbles and rolls. He could hardly contain his excitement when he peeled back the paper and saw what it was. "A real dump truck!" he exclaims.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

On the Agenda Today...

Jenn's in labor as I type. More to follow....

In other events, it's UC Davis Homecoming today. I'm off to drop the twins at Oma and Papa's and then on to the football game. Go Ags!


Baby Sophia arrived at 12:38 PM today, weighing in at 7#1oz and 19.5" tall. Mom, dad and baby are doing great. They expect to be home Sunday afternoon!

*******END UPDATE******** (if I had more details, I would post them! but that's all I got folks.)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pumpkin Farm

Today Tom and Abby's Preschool visited the pumpkin patch. First we had to drive 40 minutes to get there. Not my idea of fun that early in the morning. Next we had to park in BFE because apparently 9:45 is far too late to arrive and get good parking. We were sent directly to "overflow lot B" even though there was no one in premium lot A. Abby enjoyed kicking the sticks and bark in the parking lot on the way in.

We found the preschool class and Grandma was also waiting for us. There were snacks and juice to start the morning off, afterall, after our hike in from the car, they needed it! Then we had a pumpkin presentation. Crazy Pumpkin Lady had all sorts of good things to say about this sqash we know as pumpkin. Now it was near 10:30 and we set off for the hayrides, mazes and pumpkin picking.

When all was said and done at the pumpkin farm Grandma took us to Leatherby's for lunch. Tom's lunch consisted of a child size vanilla milk shake, 3 cookies and side order of fries while Abby insisted on one scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and cookies. She also ate some of Grandma's pastrami sandwich. Based on the photos below, you can see the waitress clearly didn't realize Tom and Abby were 3 year olds and super sized everything! Nobody finished their "lunch" today. But we all had a good time!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why Are We Here?

Today was flu shot day for the twinnies. I'm not sure if there are any fans of shots out there, but personally, I'm not one of them and neither are the twins.

We had to wait quite awhile after checking in at our designated appointment time, 10:20 this morning. After we'd be waiting for quite some time Tom looks to me and says, "Are you sick?" My reply, "No." And he rebuts, "Who's sick then?" I asked him why he thought somebody was sick and then he asks, "Well why are we here then?"

I hadn't told the twins they were there to get shots, and I didn't plan on it. I've watched a lot of war movies and the good guys always have the advantage when they plan a surprise attack. At this point, what the twins didn't know, wasn't going to hurt them. So I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "The docotr just needs to check you out." Satisfied with that answer, he went back to playing with his trains.

Once we were finally showed to our room around 11AM we started to play "I Spy". They were so happy...I felt so terrible. Then in walked the team of nurses. I signed some waivers and asked, "ok! who wants to sit on my lap first?" Tom's reply is always the same, "Abby does!"

Up goes Abby. She's so calm. I'm feeling more guilty now. She still doesn't know what's about to happen. I bear hug her arms down and strap her feet under my legs so she can't move. Then then out comes the shot. I'm thinking, don't say the S word! Just don't say "shot!" It seemed to be over before it started. Abby shrieked and sobbed but as soon as she saw the pretty bandaid, just like that, the waterworks ended.

Whew! One down, one to go. I looked over at Tom and he's already crying! Uh oh. This was going to be every bit of the stuggle I had imagined. After I chased him around the room for a minute I finally got him up on the exam table with me. We wresteled for a good two minutes before the thigh was visible, "Go, go now! This is as ready as he's going to get." I yell to the nurse. He continued to scream and cry throughout the whole ordeal. But alas, it's over.

What I didn't notice was Abby crying as she clung to the side of the exam table. It was a little hard to hear her sobs over Tom's screams. And Tom being the mama's boy he is, got to get carried out of the office. Still sobbing of course. Abby was quite happy to limp out of the office and down to the car. Nothing a couple cups of loud juice can't fix! So we stopped for some fruit smoothies on the way home, as promised.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthday Express!

Saturday was a busy day. As if being the parents of twins wasn't busy enough, we had double party duty on Saturday. And boy were Tom and Abby excited!

First stop was Hannah's 2nd birthday party in her brand newly landscaped backyard. There's probably no better way to break in new grass and test out a new play structure than to invite 20 little tikes over to trample, jump, crawl, climb and swing. The highlight of the party was the 7 foot blue mustang deked out in yellow, Gunrock, the UC Davis mascot.

Hannah OWNED him! It was hilarious. She tugged on his finger and made him follow her around. She made him push her on the swings (Paul's personal fave) and she'd probably still be sitting in his lap if Mom and Dad didn't tear her way and send Gunrock home.

Tom was not so impressed by the live Gunrock. All he could talk about all week was Gunrock. He was so excited to see Gunrock at Hannah's party, but when Gunrock showed up, he froze. In fact he jumped into my arms and clung to me in this group shot of all the kiddos lined up with Gunrock. In fact you'll notice there aren't many kiddos in that photo and that's because they were all scared to go near him.

In the end Tom did give Gunrock a high five, but he wouldn't pose for a photo next to him. Abby was super brave and fearless as always. She hugged Gunrock (for the split second that Hannah let her) and even took a photo with him.

Tom's favorite part of the party was the cake! Big surprise there. Somehow, he got the biggest slice of cake on the planet and boy was he proud! He walked ever so carefully to the end of the deck, took a seat and began...didn't look up once, just plowed through until there was cake no more. Abby enjoyed opening Hannah's gifts. Yes, you heard that right. Hannah got a bit tired toward the end of her gift opening session so Abby jumped in to take over! What a friend. I can only imagine what she was thinking, "It's ok Hannah, I just had a birthday, I KNOW how to do this!"

After a not so brief 2 hour nap we headed over a bit tardy to JB's 5th birthday party in Fair Oaks. They had a bounce house and this was a huge hit for the twins (time to bounce off that energy from Hannah's cake!) Tom was taken with the basket ball hoop in the bounce house. He was quite good at making baskets considering the hoop was about 5 feet off the ground, maybe more, and the ball was a real live soccer ball, not exactly nerf. Can you tell I was impressed?

While Tom practiced hoops, Abby bounced around like a little ping pong ball. She had a blast!

I think the sweetest part of the evening was when we were getting packed up to leave. Tom says, "We have to say goodbye to JB!" It was very sweet. We don't get to see JB often but I know the twins really look forward to playing with him at his house. And that was the end of our marathon birthday extravaganza. On the agenda this week...a trip to the pumpkin patch with our preschool class.

Friday, October 19, 2007

That Spider's Making Me Nervous!

Paul accused me of imposing my views upon the children this evening. I know to some extent as their mother it might be my job to do so, but in this case it was my view on spiders. I hate the little creatures. They're hairy, they jump and they scare me. I'm simply not a fan.

The twins were out in the backyard playing when Tom noticed a spider up in the tree. He freezes, then says, "That spider is making me nervous." I can't say I ever said THAT! But I don't like spiders, and I certainly have used the word nervous around the twins. I think it was cute that he phrased it that way and used his words to voice his feelings. I'm not sure how Paul diffused the situation but I heard gleeful screams and happy cheers coming from the backyard shortly after the incident. The show must have gone on!

A lot of things make Tom nervous and I don't think it's just things that he dislikes. He will be brave at home and rave about trains, trucks or busses, but put the kid near a real live one and he starts to shake and quiver and jumps into my arms. Another thing currently on his "afraid" llist is tree stumps. We have three large chunks of stump from one of our friend's trees in our garage and Tom absolutely refuses some days to walk near them. Unfortunately for him, they are right outside his seat of the car, so unfortunately for me, I have to carry him past these stumps quite often. And another example, skateboards. I was walking around the block while Tom and Abby rode their trikes this evening when all of the sudden Tom stopped in his tracks as he rounded the last corner, 4 doors down from returning home, got off his trike and ran to me, "Mommy! Mommy! Carry me!" So up went Tom in one arm, up went the trike in the other, and Abby tailed behind on her trike. The culprit? It was two kids playing in the street on skateboards. Scary teenagers!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Okie Dokie I Love You!

Last year for Christmas Tom got some red sweat pants. These quickly grew into his favorite pair of pants on the planet. He wanted to wear them everyday, dirty or not. When spring time came and the seasons changed it turned out Tom wanted to wear red shorts everyday. Of course the shorts paired along nicely with red shirts and red shoes. He's pretty much been wearing red since Christmas, and only red!

If you thought red shorts were hard to come by, red pants seem to be even harder to find! He has the pair from last Christmas and one more pair I found for his birthday (Thomas the Tank Engine too, bonus!) In this last week, I've been to Macy's, Mervyn's, Target and Wal Mart on my quest to outfit Tom in more red pants this winter. So I looked into the pair he got for Christmas last year. They were made by Okie Dokie. Why didn't I google this from the start? Turns out they are the store brand for JC Penny! So off to the mall we went today and I bought five more pair to set this kid up for winter. They are only three different styles but now he has 7 pair of pants and I don't have to do laundry everyday to keep up with his silly demands! I love you Okie Dokie! I even love your sales. I only spent $25 on all five pair.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Abby's New Hobby

Abby has a new hobby.

We were driving home from a long visit from my mom's last night. I turned on the kids favorite CD, rather, Tom demanded I turn on his "moo-kiss" also known to you and I as music. This group is called Choo Choo Soul and they sing mostly about different kinds of trains. If you have a 2 or 3 year old in the house, they will LOVE this album!

So we're singing along (ok, I was singing along and Abby occasionally joins in) to my favorite tunes all about trains, numbers and the alphabet when the "Polite" song comes on. It's a song all about being polite. It has some beatboxing in the beginning of the song. Abby totally starts beatboxing! She was so serious about it, as serious as singing the ABC's. I was trying to drive the car but I was laughing so hard I had tears. My stomach hurt from laughing so much. Who ever knew she had such talent? My little peanut, the beatboxer! I will definitely try to catch THAT on video!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Froggy Gets Dressed

Abby loves to recite her favorite story books while she role-plays with her dolls, trains and animals. She is very into the "Froggy" series of books by Jonathan London. In this clip she's reciting a portion of the book where Froggy forgets an article of clothing and he has to go back inside to put that on. But in her case, Froggy is played by Dora, who wears flippers so she's able to "flop, flop, flop" back out into the snow! This would all make perfect sense if you would just go out and buy the book!

*Special note to you moms out there, if you haven't found the Froggy books by Jonathan London your kids will fall in love with them around age 2. They are fantastic bedtime books.

In other news, it rained today. I got very wet walking to/from various doctor appointments and trips to the mall. (Tom and Abby had a blast running through Macy's like wild hoodlums. To their credit they were great for the first hour or so, then they got rowdy after lunch.) So, back to my rain story Tom thinks "We should probably turn the rain off." I asked him how he was going to accomplish this and he said, "Where we fill Orion's water bowl up. We'll just turn it OFF!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Princess Tom

Abby loves her new princess accessories! Tiara, earrings, shoes, fluffy white dog on purple leash... and so does Tom.

He strutted around the house, checking himself out in the mirror several times, all the while commenting on how pretty he was. Every once in awhile, he gave Abby a turn.

Tornados, Party Hats and Breakfast Cereal

I entered the twins room this morning to find a mysterious tornado of toys had blown through the area. This happens quite frequently when they play unattended in the mornings before breakfast. Weird weather phenomenon's around here!

Tom insisted on wearing a red bucket on his head while I took off his diaper. Then he also wore said bucket to breakfast. Then he insisted on having "daddy's brown cereal with no mook!" So I poured the brown cereal into his bowl and served it up with a spoon, and no milk. He ate nearly the whole bowl! For the rest of us, this brown cereal is called Raisin Nut Bran.

Abby also enjoyed a bowl of daddy's brown cereal, except she had milk on it, and all over the front of her. She likes to wear her milk.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


The twins were beyond thrilled to try on their halloween costumes this afternoon.

I told them they would get lots of candy in those costumes! Tom says, "Yeah, I bet I will!" with a big grin on his face. Abby was fascinated with her wings. I told her she could fly! So she lifts her arms and starts "flying" around the driveway. Tom looked concerned and says, "but she can't REALLY fly. Really?"

Monday, October 08, 2007

Dear Target, Why So Difficult?

I was in for a bit of a shock when I tried to exchange 2 gifts at Target from Tom and Abby's birthday last weekend. They changed their return policy. If you have no receipt you can only exchange or return two items for the entire year! Not two visits, only two ITEMS for store credit! I used my 2 free passes yesterday. One was for an even exchange and the other was for a return. I can now no longer exchange or return ANYTHING to any Target in the entire universe for 364 more days (without a receipt). So this is a notice to all you parents out there that receive oodles of birthday and christmas duplicates. Keep those gift receipts! And if you don't have one, ask your friends for it! Otherwise you could be stuck with 3 pairs of jeans in the wrong size for Tater Tot. Then there's always the re-gift I suppose. Just keep passing on the white elephant with no receipt!

In other news the twins had their 3 year physical this morning. First we head to the scales. Tom doesn't want to take off his shoes. Great. But he does without too much fuss. He weighed in at 36.5lbs and I think 38.5". Abby weighed in at 27lbs! and 34.5". She's now in the 5th percentile for height. She's on the chart!!! Whoo hoo! She's so tiny.

Then for the first time ever the nurse took their temperature under their tongue. They did great! Abby pretty much sucked on it like a lollipop and Tom didn't shut is mouth too tight, but they were feverless, so there you go! Big kids! Then it was time to head over for blood pressure check. You should see this little cuff. It's so tiny! Abby sat in the big swivel chair and did it first. But the machine kept erroring so the nurse said she would re-do it in the exam room. But that didn't happnen. So Tom never got a crack at it, which is probably ok because he wouldn't have liked it anyway. Then it was on to the eye test. They are supposed to hold this spoon like thing over one eye and read the eye chart, only the chart for these little guys is shapes, not letters. The nurse was awfully busy with all sorts of things so we were there waiting for awhile. So without covering one eye I had them reading the regular eye chart letters. They did so well! When the nurse finally found time to come back to us Tom just stood there. I held the spoon over one eye and he wouldn't even tell the nurse the very first object. It was the biggest boat you've ever seen. So I know he could see it, he just doesn't talk to strangers. (good boy!) Then it was Abby's turn to try. This is when Tom gets confident and starts answering the nurses questions. I had to keep telling him it was Abby's turn. I think she was so overwhelmed with what I was doing to her covered eye that she wouldn't answer the questions either! On to the hearing test (full day today!) Abby put the headphones on no problem. I stood in front of her and all she had to do was tell me when she heard the beep. She jus smiled and smiled. Tom wouldn't even put the headphones on. So maybe better luck next year!

Then we were finally put into an exam room to wait for the doctor. This year we had to strip down to our underwear (just the kids) They did great with the doctor. I think they like her. And the best news of all....NO SHOTS TODAY! We do have to go back for the flu shot to protect mama. I feel like the wicked witch, making them get a shot just for me. But they are in preschool now, so it's more important this year than the last two years.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Tiniest Pumpkin

We had a blast celebrating the twins birthday with our friends and family this afternoon at Kirtlan's Silver Bend Pumpkin Patch. Aside from nearly getting rear ended by slamming on the brakes to turn down a steep not so well marked entry off the main road, it was easy enough to find. Or if you were so lucky as to fly by the entrance you had to hunt for a turn around point on this narrow two lane road along the Sacramento River, as many of the guests had to do.

The steam engine train ride was fun, if you weren't Tom or Abby. Paul and I held our big bundles of joy as they trembled and covered their ears everytime the whistle blew. Getting covered in soot was an added bonus, as we were in the open air car right behind the engine. Remind me to wear black next time! It will blend in.

Then it was off to the hand crank engine tractor hay ride. Tom and Abby had to be hoisted up to the first step, as it was as tall as their little legs. The ride was bumpy and if weren't for the rails I'm fairly certain we all would have bounced out amongst the pumpkins and left for next year's harvest. But we arrived at the back of the pumpkin farm in one piece. The twins wandered the maze of vines to find the perfect pumpkin. Tom rejected nearly every single one we picked for him until finally he found one shaped like an upside down pear. It was tiny and perfect, afterall he did request "the tiniest pumpkin of all." Abby was perfectly happy with her mid size round. They sit proudly, still full of pumpkin farm dust on our kitchen table.

I think the biggest hit of all were my cupcakes. It was really windy so the candles were for naught, but many-a-sugar grams were had by all. Yum! Happy 3rd Birthday my beautiful babies!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Freckles! Tom - 2, Abby - 3

Earlier this week I spied a new freckle on Abby's thigh. Now she has three freckles! She was so excited to get a new one. She has one on each thigh now, and her very first freckle was on her wrist.

Then last night I found a brand new freckle on Tom! It's right smack dab in the middle of his chest. He is so proud! It's a little difficult for him to see though, as he gets a bit cross eyed trying to find it, he nearly fell over in the bath during his freckle hunt! In this photo, if you look really close, you can see Tom's new freckle on his chest. Of course on my computer the screen is so dirty, his freckle is confused with the bits of dirt stuck to my screen. Mental note, clean computer screen because that's gross.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Birthday Party at Home

It seems I've been writing about the twins birthday for a week. I still can't believe my babies are 3. They are getting so big and independent. But who am I kidding here. They still need me to wipe thier faces and bottoms! I can't wait to see what this year brings. Before i know it, they'll be reading and writing, and if they take after me, they'll be doing arithmetic too!

They had so much fun yesterday. We opened gifts after Paul got home from work. They both seemed excited with everything they opened, even the clothes! Tom had a very Thomas birthday. I got him 3 sweat suit outfits, all with Thomas the Tank Engine on them. And PJs, also with Thomas the Tank Engine. They got a few toys too. Trains and cars. What more could a 3 year old want really?

Auntie Rachel's gift arrived in the mail as well. It was an automatic bubble blower. This thing blows industrial size bubbles. The kids went nuts! Abby pretended to have loads of fun. I could see she was shy about touching the actual bubbles, but ran around and squealed with delight as long as she didn't have to pop the bubbles. And Tom was quite the opposite. He was kicking the bubbles, jumping to head butt the bubbles and eating them too. Yum.

When it was finally time for cake I passed out party hats. But oh no mom, we don't dare wear the party hats until the candle is "on". I had one cake with one number 3 candle on top. Tom blew it out after we sang Happy Birthday to both of them. Then we re-lit the candle for Abby to blow it out. She stood on top of her kitchen chair (several feet from the open flame) and blew her little heart out. I asked her if it was ok if Tom helped her. He swooped in with a big puff of air and poof! Like that it was over. Then she squealed with glee, "I did it!"

We still have the birthday party at the pumpkin patch coming up on Saturday. This pumpkin patch has it all too. Tractor hay rides, a real live steam engine train (on a 2.5 mile track) as well as acres and acres of pumpkins to choose from! The kids are most excited about the train ride, but if you know Tom and Abby at all by now, that makes sense!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Third Birthday Tom and Abby!

Tom and Abby are soooo excited that today is the day. Today they are THREE! I walked into their room and wished them both happy birthday. They wanted to know if Dad was coming to their birthday. I'm not quite sure what they are expecting. I was thinking gifts and a cake after dinner, since the real party is on Saturday. At breakfast Tom asked, "Is my birthday going to be inside or outside?" Exactly how many guests he's expecting...I don't know. We talked to Daddy on the phone during breakfast and Oma as well. The twins have alse received a couple emails as well as a birthday movie! Paul suggested I let them open a gift this morning. So here are the photos.

It's a box. They each got a tin box and they couldn't be more thrilled! Ahhh, to be 3 again.

And a trip down memory lane...here's my third birthday. I was trying to figure out which one of the twins looked like me at this age. I concluded niether of them do. Who's children are they?