Friday, September 07, 2007

Wrapped in Plastic

I thought you would find this as amusing or more than me. It's a shower glove. This is what the home health company provided to me to cover my PICC line IV while I shower. Normally I take a piece of plastic and just cover the site. It's a pain, yes, but at least I have two naked hands in the shower! Just for kicks try washing your hair with rubber gloves on. Yeah, it's something like that. And not only that, but your hand doesn't get clean in the process.

In other news, I was working on a puzzle for the twins last night. I thought it would be fun to introduce the 50 states and capitals to them. As I was browsing the dollar spot at Target I found a map of the united states as a puzzle. My sister in law found the same puzzle for the twins, so now we have two, which makes the puzzle twice as fun with 100 pieces jumbled together on the floor. The interesting thing about this map/puzzle is that you have to know where the states go to put it back together. There are no state lines on the puzzle base, so you really have to know your stuff! Not exactly 3 year old education level, or 31 year old education level at that! As I was puzzled by the puzzle Tom looks at me and says "Mommy, are you happy?" and I said, "yes, Tom, I'm happy, I'm just trying to get your puzzle back together." He replies, "oh, is that why you look so cross?" I couldn't help but laugh. Who says that???!!!

In other news, I came out of my room after said shower mentioned above today to find the kids perplexingly quiet at the kitchen table. Tom runs toward me with this face like "I know I shouldn't be doing that mom, but it was so much fun!" kind of look. So, as I brush away the dark crumbs from his mouth I ask, "did you help yourself to a snack? What did you have?" He is so proud of himself and says "We had a mommy cookie!" Apparently while I was blissfully showering with my body half wrapped in plastic I forgot to lock the pantry. They broke in, opened my box of oreos (aka "mommy cookie") and each had one. At least they had the sense to eat at the kitchen table. So, what did you eat at 9AM this morning?


The RxT said...

"You look cross?" Sounds like British English. Your kids are bilingual!

The Mantha Family said...

Only one cookie each? They showed quite a bit of restraint. I can't even limit myself to one cookie!