Monday, September 03, 2007

End of Summer BBQ

We went to a wonderful BBQ yesterday and the twins had a BLAST! And so did I. Thanks to Paul S for opening his home and inviting us all over. Thanks to Andy and Laura for throwing the shin dig. We had so much fun, but I have to say, i was pretty wiped out and useless this morning. All that partying with IV antibiotics makes for a sleepy Tara.

Tom and Abby really enjoyed all the kids in attendance. And they LOVED the palm tree! I hope it survived after all those munchkins jumped on it!

I think they really enjoyed star gazing too. Little did they know, the stars actually come out at night! They go to bed so early, they're never outside when it's dark. But Hannah busted out her astrology knowledge and Tom and Abby are STILL talking about it today! And of course the kiddie pool was big hit. Even though it didn't last too long. Tom and Abby came to me when they were done swimming and I tried to convince them to keep their suits on, but they said, "I really really really need to wear my clothes." Creatures of habit.

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