Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Target Anonymous

Yup! I'm pretty sure I'm addicted. I probably visit Target once, perhaps twice daily. I'm not sure why I can't buy my deoderant and fruit snacks somewhere else, but it's the truth. It's probably an unhealthy relationship we have. Unhealthy for Paul's bank acccount that is. And perhaps unhealthy that my children think this is normal. They learned what the Target parkinglot looked like over a year ago. I thought it was cute, now I'm a little embarassed.

I was at Target on Sunday night, with the whole family I might add. We had an emergency run for Fruit Snacks and because we were right across the street at Chipotle, I figured it was practically on the way home and we should just run in and grab what we need. Of course that didn't happen. We did get the fruit snacks but we had to peruse the toy aisle because it's oh so fun to tease Tom and Abby with all the toys the could have. And of course an extra DVD hopped into the cart. We escaped with almost just what we came for.

Today I was childless for a couple hours, so where did I go? Target of course. I had some returns from some careless shopping I did in the last couple weeks and of course I found my self like a kid in a candy store browsing home goods, hair products and pajamas. And oh, the dollar spot. Have you all seen the dollar spot? It's perhaps the most amazing part of the whole Target experience. I find myself thinking, how could they sell this for just one dollar? And then when Tom and Abby proceed to pull the toys apart in the coming weeks, I learn why they sell it for just a dollar. Today I came away with chip clips. You can never have enough chip clips.

In non-Target news this morning Tom, Abby and I had our lunch al fresco this afternoon. Tom really, really, really wanted to ride his tricycle when we got home from preschool so I forced him indoors for 10 minutes while I whipped up some lunch for all three of us to eat outside. It is easier to do when the 36 pound preschooler is not bawling attached to one of my legs as I scoot across the kitchen, mopping up yesterday's crumbs with his bottom. But I digress. After lunch was finished Tom happily played in the corner watching daddy's bike chain go around and around as he turned the pedal. Abby was still eating and Tom says, "Abby! Abby! Abby! Come play with me! I want Abby to come play with me! Please, Abby, will you come play now???" And with a sigh and a look out of the corner of her big blue eyes "*sigh* alright Tom, I'm coming, alright Tom *sigh*" Too hilarious for words really. Where was that video camera?

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The Mantha Family said...

I didn't realize Target was such a hot spot ... we'll have to take more trips there in the future! It is a good excuse to get out of the house for a bit.