Thursday, September 06, 2007

Success at Preschool!

We had another successful day at preschool. I dropped the twins off and they immediately ran for the trains and tracks set out on the floor. I had to beg for a hug goodbye from each of them. When I picked them up I asked if they had a good time. It's hard to get reliable information from two 3 year olds so we play guessing games on the way home to figure out what happened today at preschool. First I asked about their art project. They had a blue piece of construction paper fitted with white cotton balls and it said "A Cloudy Day" on top.

So I started to ask the twins about clouds. "What do clouds do?" I ask. Tom says, "They blow that hats off!" Hmmmm, interesting thought. So I asked, "Did you read any books today? What were they about" Tom continues "The wind blowed his hat off!" Ah, so they read a book about windy weather and clouds! They are learning about seasons this month. Tuesday was all about the sunshine and today must have been about wind and clouds. As I was putting Abby in the car she says "The sky is blue today so the birds can live in it!" I like how everything/everyone has a place to "live" in their heads.

So as we continued our drive I started to ask "Do you remember the names of all the kids in your class?" Unfortunately, I don't know all the names, so this makes for some more fun guessing games. I named off about 7 children, and I know there are 5 more! Abby says to me, "maybe you can look them up online when we get home." Ah....the internets, holds the answers for all!

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