Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Birthday Fun!

On Friday the twins got a package in the mail. For whatever reason I did not let the kids open it that day. I think they were napping at the time. Then we had company and a big outting for dinner. The weekend was full of snotty noses as they both had a cold and I can't exactly explain what happened Monday and Tuesday because I simply don't remember. So on wednesday I noticed the package was still on the kitchen counter. I told the twins they had some mail and they got real excited! I let them open it. It was a gift for the whole family from our favorite Duo in NYC. Plastic straws. Four of them. For the whole family. Not just any plastic straw. But the kind this is all twirly, whirly and fun. I let the kinds play with theirs. I took photos of course.

I do especially like this photo of Tom because you can see his little dimple on the right side of his cheek. It's hard to capture on camera these days. He never smiles that much for me when I'm holding the camera!

The kids even picked out colors for Mom and Dad. Green for Paul, orange for me. It wasn't until Paul got home that I found out there was something special about these straws. Tom and Abby picked up the green straw for Dad and ran to him with it. He looks at it and instantly says, "oh, it has my name on it. And this one says T - O - M for Tom and A - B - B - Y for Abby!" Then it clicked. The straws have our names on them! I was looking at them all afternoon, taking photos and video...and didn't notice. In fact those pics you see up above were snapped before Paul came home. How OBVIOUS is that???!!! What's wrong with me???!!!

Thank you again, Nat, John, Anna, and Johnny!

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