Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Early Birthday Express

We received a very pleasant surprise in the mail today. UPS dropped off a package at our front door and lo and behold, it was addressed to Tom and Abby! It's that time of year again. Late September brings surprises at the door because the twins' birthday is fast approaching. The twins were so excited to see the package addressed to themselves, they HAD to open it right away. Johnny and Anna picked most excellent gifts for the twins to enjoy. A BIG thank you to our favorite twins in NYC.

They waste no time tearing into the packages straight away:

Tom gets a close look at the gift Abby opened:

Here is Abby, showing off her most excellent present opening skills with the finished product!

And Tom counting with his new puzzle:

Tom and Abby were singing, "Thank you! thank you!" but it sounds more like "sank you! sank you!" while I had the camera off of course. So as soon as I started to record them and asked Tom to say thank you again, I get a big fat, "huh?"

And perhaps the funniest portion of events caught on tape. Tom was inspecting his Thomas the Tank Engine drawing kit after he opened it and I caught him trying to shake it up to see what's inside. Watch him closely, towards the end of the clip as he shakes the box. Kids are so funny!

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The Mantha Family said...

Right on! I love the pictures, I love the movie! Looks like you have 2 very happy, healthy little ones, they are doing so well!