Monday, August 27, 2007

Can You Read This Sign?

My nurse's assistant needs to get a new watch. The above sign is posted on my door everynight. I think it's very clear. So what part about doctor's orders and DO NOT DISTURB do you not understand??? She came in at 6:25 this morning to ask me how many times I peed. It went a little something like this.

NA: "Tara?"
Me: glancing at the clock, "did you read my sign?"
NA "Well I need to know how many times you used the bathroom last night"
Me: Blood beginning to boil. "Doctor's orders. Did you read my sign?"
NA: "Oh, so you don't want to get weighed righ now?"
Me: "Get out and don't come back until after 7"

Seriously, when are they going to learn?

In other news I have turned the corner! I feel MUCH better and I'm scheduled for parole on Thursday. Can we say HAPPY CAMPER???!!!!

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