Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Preschool Art

Everyday is art day at preschool. They keep those kids hopping! Here is Abby's project from today:

And Tom's:

Tom cried when my mom dropped him off at preschool today. She said they walked into the classroom, put their backpacks in the cubby, and out of nowhere he just melted down and clung to Grandma. Broke my heart to hear that. But it ended quickly and I think he enjoyed himself eventually. They learned about triangles today. And he did not do his art project at school. Instead they sent the supplies home and he worked on it after his nap today.

In other news, I'm still awaiting parole for Thursday. I decided not to eat hospital food dinner tonight. I asked the nurses station if they had any take out menus and she came up with two chinese food places. So I phoned them up and found out they have a minimum order of $10 for delivery. Well, by the time I ordered enough to reach $10, and tip the dude, $15 later I had 12 pounds of chinese food at my door. You like???

I ate about 1/10 of that, but it was OH SO GOOD! I'm ready to go home. I miss Paul's cooking. (oh, and him too)

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