Friday, August 31, 2007

Shower Less Power

So, I was showering my merry self this morning when all of the sudden it went dark. My first instinct was, the power went out. We've had incredibly hot days here this week and it wouldn't be surprising to have a black out with so many people buring the air conditioners all day long. Then I thought, it's the middle of the day, why is it so dark? Oh, that's because of the incredibly hot days we've been having here this week, I've learned to keep my house dark like a cave to keep the cool in and the hot out. So, as I was saying, in the middle of my shower I was shaving under my arms and "click!" off go the lights. Then I look through the shower glass door and I see a small red figure running out of the bathroom. Of course it was Tom! So I asked him, "Tom, could you turn the lights back on? Mommy can't see." And his response, "No! It's too bright. I like the lights off." And off he went. I had to finish the rest of my shower in the dark. It's so good to be home.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Final Night

It's my last night here in the hospital and we're going out with a bang! Jenny came to visit tonight and we had an ice cream social!!! Nothing like filling the belly with ice cream before bedtime, especially with friends.

I miss my family and I'm coming home tomorrow! I have a lot of work to do tomorrow morning, coordinating home IVs and home oxygen and getting all my morning treatments wrapped up here. I plan to break out of jail at 10AM. Watch out world! I'm healthy again!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Preschool Art

Everyday is art day at preschool. They keep those kids hopping! Here is Abby's project from today:

And Tom's:

Tom cried when my mom dropped him off at preschool today. She said they walked into the classroom, put their backpacks in the cubby, and out of nowhere he just melted down and clung to Grandma. Broke my heart to hear that. But it ended quickly and I think he enjoyed himself eventually. They learned about triangles today. And he did not do his art project at school. Instead they sent the supplies home and he worked on it after his nap today.

In other news, I'm still awaiting parole for Thursday. I decided not to eat hospital food dinner tonight. I asked the nurses station if they had any take out menus and she came up with two chinese food places. So I phoned them up and found out they have a minimum order of $10 for delivery. Well, by the time I ordered enough to reach $10, and tip the dude, $15 later I had 12 pounds of chinese food at my door. You like???

I ate about 1/10 of that, but it was OH SO GOOD! I'm ready to go home. I miss Paul's cooking. (oh, and him too)

Monday, August 27, 2007

"The Milkshake Place"

Looks like the twins had a good time out to dinner tonight???! Paul sent these photos to me from his lovely iphone. Did you notice Tom's shirt??? It's NOT red! Oh, I miss them. Don't you just want to squeeze them? Three more days baby dolls! Word on the street is I'm-a-comin' home on Thursday!

Can You Read This Sign?

My nurse's assistant needs to get a new watch. The above sign is posted on my door everynight. I think it's very clear. So what part about doctor's orders and DO NOT DISTURB do you not understand??? She came in at 6:25 this morning to ask me how many times I peed. It went a little something like this.

NA: "Tara?"
Me: glancing at the clock, "did you read my sign?"
NA "Well I need to know how many times you used the bathroom last night"
Me: Blood beginning to boil. "Doctor's orders. Did you read my sign?"
NA: "Oh, so you don't want to get weighed righ now?"
Me: "Get out and don't come back until after 7"

Seriously, when are they going to learn?

In other news I have turned the corner! I feel MUCH better and I'm scheduled for parole on Thursday. Can we say HAPPY CAMPER???!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 3 At the Hospital

The twins came to visit me at the hospital on Saturday. We rode my crazy bed up, down and all around, until the twins broke it. Then we went outside. They ran circles in the Healing Garden, which was not so healing to the other patrons, I'm sure! Abby used my "patient only" potty....TWICE! Big girl. And I broke the rules by leaving my room without a mask on. Tsk! Tsk!

Today was eventfully busy with visitors, phone calls and emails galore. I love them all. And I'll leave you with this. My dessert. I requested orange sherbet and I brought M&M's to add to it, but look what happened when I added the M&M's! Ew!

Sherbet Stew. I didn't eat it afterall. I prefer my sherbet frozen.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Room 323

Checking into the hospital has it's own set of rules and it doesn't seem to matter if you've done it a bazillion times or not. It's slow.

I went to get my admit orders at the doctor's office at 9:45AM. Which means I was up at 7AM, sat in bed staring at the wall for awhile. Trying not to puke. Did some of my breathing treatments and didn't take any of my antibiotics because frankly, I wasn't sure I could keep them down. I knew I'd be getting the good IV antibiotics anyway today.

The kids knew they were going to my friend Jenn's house today and Tom was so cute. He says "I have to pack my toys." Then he takes 4 railroad track pieces from his Thomas the Tank Engine set, puts them in his school backpack and announces "I'm done!!! Let's go now! I'm ready!" Well, mama wasn't ready, so I sent the kids ahead of me so I could have one last shower at home to wash my hair without the darn IV tape to worry about. I leaned into the car, first with Tom. I told him, "mommy's going to the hospital, I'll see you in a few days." He just looks at me with the biggest grin, "youuuuuuuuuu got your voice back!" as he grabs my chin to tickle it. LOL! Then I moved over to Abby. She does this thing when she doesn't think she'll like what you're going to say where she looks straight ahead (not at me) and kinda out of the corner of her eye peers at me while I'm talking. So I told her, "mommy's going to the hospital, and I'll see you in a few days." Silence. I whispered "I love you!" and she smiles. Then Tom leans forward in his seat, "I love you mommy! I love you! Yes I do!" Talk about melting my heart!

So off go the twins to visit my friend Jenn for the day. We packed up some toys (we convinced Tom he needed more than the 4 tiny pieces of track to play trains at Jenn's house, but those are his favorite pieces "the bumps" he says.) So we stuffed a rolling suit case with everything Thomas and sent them on their way. I jumped in the shower and finished packing my things. Paul was back so we headed to the doctor's office. Once there, they said they had already called over for my bed around 7AM. And it would be ready at 12:30.

Now this poses a problem two fold. Number 1, the bed's not going to be ready at 12:30. It never is. And I hate sitting in that hospital lobby waiting. Number 2, I have to have radiology insert my PICC line (IV line that goes from my bicep to my heart). I have teeny tiny veins and they use ultrasound and xray technology to make sure everything is in place and they only have to stick me once. Well, IF I got into my room by 2PM this would not give the staff enough time to order my PICC today (they close at 4) and don't come back till Monday! So I asked doctor to send me over to a different hospital to have my line placed, then I went out to lunch, and then made it to check into my hospital at 1PM (room was not ready) and finally up to the room around 1:45. Deep breath.

I'll leave you with this image. If this isn't true.....I don't know what is!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

First Day of Preschool!

Well, I did it. I dropped the kids off at preschool this morning. I had kept them out of school last Thursday and this Tuesday due to runny noses/colds. But today everything was a go! Tom was still a little sniffly, but I gave him some benadryl to dry things up and he looked great this morning!

As we were driving over, I asked them if they were excited and they said "no." but I think they were excited! I know Abby was for sure. And Tom, well, he just wanted to play with the toys.

Here is a photo of Tom on the way to preschool.

Here is a photo of Abby on the way to preschool. Pardon the photography. Abby sits behind me in the car, and I was probably driving at this point. I think I just put the camera over the back of my head and shot this image.

So we arrived a few minutes early and all the parents were outside with their kids. Tom and Abby stood silent on the driveway, holding my hands and their back packs, just taking it all in. One of the moms commented on Abby's hair. I had it in two braids, Abby's request, and she asked "how on earth did you get her to sit still for that?!" honestly, how Abby wears her hair is up to her, I ask her what she wants and she decides every morning, usually pig tails or braids. If I use any mousse Tom gets jealous and asks for some mousse in his hair too. This morning was no exception.

We kinda waited in line as they opened the preschool doors (it's at a residential house) and walked slowly toward the back of the room where they have cubby holes for each kid to place their back pack. Tom said "here you hold this, I want to play!" But I made him find his cubby first and put his own back pack away. Then I took them both to the leggos that were spread on the floor and they didn't even look at me. They were so interested in the toys they didn't know where to start first! So...I just...left. Weird.

When I went to pick Tom and Abby up, they didn't exactly jump into my arms. They were quiet and I learned Tom did not take part in the finger painting project. The teacher said if it had been anything other than arts and crafts she would have to talk to me. Yikes! But she totally understood that he is warming up and just likes to watch things at first. Apparently Abby jumped into every activity first and I think they both had fun. Although when I asked Tom if he had a good time he said, "No." And that was it. Since I'm a control freak it's a little hard to not watch them while they're at preschool. I usually get a play by play from my mom when she watches the twins, so to just get "they did fine" was a little unsatisfying. But I guess they did just that, fine. And we'll go again next Tuesday!

Here's a shot of the twins as we returned home. They were not amused that I wanted to photograph them. Ahhhh! The paparazzi just won't quit! Crazy, crazy mom.

I have recently been accused of being a photo fiend and you know what? I think I am! As this photo is a photo of a photo. What will I think of next?

And now Abby's masterpiece! I dated it and put it in a special folder. They get to make arts and crafts every single day at preschool!

And last but not least, a short video clip taken on the way home: